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We created Fresh Fit to help you be your best self

If your goal is to cultivate beach-ready biceps, rock hard abs or buns of steel, we can get you there. Let’s be real. Looking good feels great.

We can also help you to be your best self at the office, when you’re with your family, at your doctor’s office and while going all out on your preferred athletics field or court. We love our weekend warriors!

Being your best self also means:

  • building the stamina to power through a tough work day
  • having the self-possession and equanimity to be present for family and friends
  • bolstering your body’s immune system to fight cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression and other chronic conditions
  • being at peace with where you are today – and striving to do better tomorrow
  • regularly getting a good night’s sleep
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At Fresh Fit, we believe in total-fitness workouts that value flexibility, balance and cardio health as much as we appreciate six-pack abs. Looking inward, Fresh Fit restores energy and optimism.

We love these workouts. You will, too. Let’s get Fresh Fit.

The Fresh Fit Story
(aka John's Story)

I founded Fresh Fit to share a gift that changed my life.

The story begins in 2006 with a visit to my doctor for a routine annual physical. This time it wasn’t routine. Some of the lab data was off, which led to more tests and, eventually, my being diagnosed with a serious, potentially fatal major organ disease. Fortunately, it was treatable. I was told that the recommended six-month drug protocol had a good chance of restoring me to health, but it would have a host of side effects, including exhaustion and difficulty breathing. My longstanding habit of working out would take a hit.


I was an active kid. Back then we all were. I grew up at a time when neighborhood boys and girls played outside for entire days without causing parental alarm. In middle school, I played organized football, baseball and basketball. Throughout high school, college and into my adult life, I continued playing hoops, took up racket sports, got into running and started going to the gym. Working out was part of my identity. Not being able to do the things I enjoyed for six months was unwelcome news. It turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I made it through those six months relatively unscathed. The treatments worked, and the doctors issued me a clean bill of health! There was some temporary collateral damage. Half a year of inactivity had wrecked my conditioning. I lost muscle mass. My endurance was shot. At the time, I wouldn’t have bet on myself to outrun a drowsy kitten in a 20-yard race.

The only option I had was to work myself back into shape. Choosing a path that, in hindsight, was informed mostly by ambition and irrational exuberance, I signed up for the toughest workout program I could find – an outdoor, group fitness training program patterned after military boot camps. It took no time for me to demonstrate that I was the slowest, most out-of-shape person in the group. At one point during my first day, I thought I was going to die. Thankfully, the instructor announced that the warmup was almost over.

I got through that first workout and came back the next day. Over time, I got stronger and faster. At some point I realized that all those years of pre-diagnosis, solitary workouts hadn’t been nearly as effective as I had assumed. Looking back, I could see that too often I had gone through the motions of my workouts or skipped them altogether. I discovered that I was at my best when supported by the accountability, camaraderie and motivation of the group, including the professional instruction. I kept coming back.

I started running 200-mile Ragnar relay races, and I became a fitness trainer, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The fitness instructor asked me to train the group. I discovered that I enjoy designing and leading fitness programs that help people to reach their goals.

In retrospect, I have benefitted from being part of that group fitness training program more than I could have imagined. My goal is to pass the gift of fitness on to others who wants it. You don’t have to wait for a medical emergency to get started. All it takes is a willingness to take the first step.

When you’re ready, Fresh Fit is ready to help.

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